Who’s Who

Oakwood Worldwide

Oakwood Worldwide is the industry leading provider of furnished and serviced apartments globally through our two well known brands; Oakwood Temporary Housing and ExecuStay. Oakwood has been servicing traveling professionals for over 50 years and services approximately 80% of Fortune 1000 companies. We are proud of our Gold Standard of Customer Service, to us is more than a promise—it’s a commitment we deliver on every day, by listening to our clients and putting them at the heart of everything we do.

Oakwood highly values our long standing and ongoing relationship with National Instruments and NEI Global and are delighted to provide your accommodations while you visit Austin, we have leased an apartment from the community you are staying at and are sub-letting it to you, your roommates and National Instruments. In which case, if you have any maintenance issues in your apartment or special requests, you will need to contact Oakwood. The utilities are also in Oakwood’s name, so if you have any issues or would like to request upgrades, please contact Oakwood directly (nationalinstruments@oakwood.com or (800) 310-8123).

Oakwood will deduct the monthly rental amount that you are responsible for off of the card you provide, thus if you have any questions regarding billing, please contact Oakwood. Lastly, if you have any requests to extend or shorten your stay while living in an Oakwood apartment, you will need to first speak with your manager at National Instruments and then notify Oakwood, we will also confirm back with the National Instruments representatives in Human Resources prior to any requests being granted.

NEI Global Relocation

At NEI Global Relocation(NEI), relocation management is our only business. NEI is committed to providing first-rate relocation services in both the origination and destination locations worldwide. We were founded in the mid-1980s and are the oldest, most stable certified Women’s Business Enterprise in the relocation industry.

NEI handles both domestic and international relocations and currently works with 170 corporations headquartered throughout North America and the world. Our growing International department allows NEI to grow in a global economy. Currently, NEI provides international relocation services in more than 95 countries. NEI becomes a vital extension of our clients’ and transferees’ goals. We partner with clients to create a strategic relocation program focused on making relocation a positive experience for all involved.

The results of our outstanding evaluation ratings reflect our service commitment. Recently, NEI was rated #1 in Overall Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Service (2011 & 2012), and Breadth of Services © HRO Today 2012 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Relocation.

NEI received more affirmations of its customer service excellence in the 18th Annual Nationwide Relocating Employees© conducted by Trippel Surveys and Research, LLC©. The survey ranked NEI #1 for highest top block satisfaction and #1 for highest net satisfaction with relocating employees among those relocation management companies receiving the largest number of returned evaluations. Top block performance includes the percentage of relocating employee rankings of 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale.